My Sweet Sister is Having a Baby: Maternity Photoshoot in Maine

I have been waiting patiently for this joyous day. My oldest sister Christen is pregnant. I will finally be an Aunt! My sister and her husband Ocean will soon be holding their first child. I can barely begin to describe the overwhelming feelings that are present in my heart. I've already pictured what baby Chen (That's what we're calling it since we have absolutely no idea what it will be!) might look like a few years from now... when we have tickle fights and laugh our bums off at my sad but legitimate effort at speaking Mandarin! This kid is gonna be so boss. I can already see baby Chen running around bare bottomed with dragon slippers and a T-shirt proudly stating the 50% Italian genes this munchkin will have. Of course I will be buying this necessary item. My other sister Jacqueline, who will also be an Aunt for the first time as well, and I made a pact to be the fun Aunts! Of course we will always be there to encourage, guide and impart wisdom BUT we will also be up for anything and everything silly for this little one! 

I am beyond grateful to have been able to photograph such a breathtaking moment in time. I don't know how my sister could look even more beautiful than she already does, but pregnancy got her like *whoa mamma*!! She looks even more beautiful than ever.  We traveled over to Camp Ketcha in Scarborough, Maine to take some of these blissfully beautiful shots. The day couldn't have been more perfect. My excitement did make me slightly oblivious to the army of mosquitos that were attacking the two of them, but they both soldiered through it with non stop laughing and such infectious smiles. We ended our session over at Fort Williams in Cape Elizabeth where these two said their wedding vows just two years prior. 

I love you both and can't wait to meet little baby Chen very soon! <3 

P.S. I made cupcakes for the first party in celebration of you!... but you can't eat them... cause you're in a belly. #sadday #letsbehonest #illalwaysmakecupcakes

A Friendy Sesh in Boston

My best friend Katherine Brackman ( and I typically get together on a consistent basis for a variety of fun girly dates. Most of these usually involve creative discussions, business adventures, spiritual awakenings, plenty of laughter and most importantly a bottle… occasionally two, of wine! We have known each other for many years and have spent a lot of time invested in building one another up and supporting each other’s passions in life. I have worked by Katherine on a handful of weddings in 2016 and look forward to many more ahead in the new year! One of my favorite moments when we are on our girly dates, is when we spontaneously decide to do a lifestyle photography session of each other. 

Katherine and I both reside around the Boston area and like to travel around varying locations for our shoots. Our most recent lifestyle session was at the Boston Public Library located on the bustling street of Boylston. What I remember most vividly during this shoot is how COLD it was!! We had just come from scouting out a venue for a wedding we will be shooting together later this year and remembered how close the library was. It was super windy out but we still wanted to capture some shots outside and yet not be affected by the ridiculous weather we were having! The temperature in Massachusetts varies SO much, especially in the winter… and sometimes you just never really know what you’re going to get! In this case, the Boston Public Library was perfect because they have the most gorgeous courtyard nestled right in the buildings core. This means no wind! It was still super cold but when it comes to photography… Kat and I are hardcore! At least we try to be. lol! 

The next lifestyle shoot we’re planning to do will be located outside of Massachusetts, and definitely somewhere warm. We haven’t pinpointed an exact place yet but I am so looking forward to our next lifestyle and travel adventure! In the meantime, I hope you enjoy our fun casual shoot at the Boston Public Library!